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I'm Sarah. Mother, Grandmother and freedom fighter. Without your support, this clothing company and fight for Canada would not be possible. 

From the bottom on my heart, Thank you. 

About Me 

We'll never forget 2020, when we were all glued to the TV watching a virus spread like a wildfire, similar to ones you've seen during a hot, dry summer in the Okanagan. The sky lights up in a blazing colour of red, there's smoke everywhere, and it's hard to breathe. The fire spreads with the wind, scoring everything in its path, leaving ashes where homes, forests, and people used to be. It's devastating.


When the fear of the virus started to escalate, we looked to our trusted officials to guide us through, to protect us from illness, and to keep our families safe. Except 2 weeks to flatten the curve turned into 2 years and counting...

In early 2020, I was visiting family and got a message from a friend, who told me that a woman that she'd been in contact with, repeatedly, was in the hospital, with her lungs burning up; diagnosed with Covid-19.


I immediately panicked and was sure that I had infected my family. I thought that I was sick and a danger to others, so I packed up to head back home where I was prepared to die on the bathroom floor alone. 


I was angry, tired, scared....and completely virus free. 

The news and daily government broadcasts that we had all grown accustomed to learning from, eventually turned against its subjects. Seniors locked in their homes, unable to visit with family. Kids unable to attend school, everyone afraid to visit with friends because of a media control that instilled fear....on purpose. It was brutal. 

I had never experienced anything like this in my entire life. This is when I thought of 'The Resistance'. I started making hoodies, which eventually turned into a full clothing company for others that thought just like me. With 'The Resistance' I wanted to spread awareness of the infringement that Canadian citizens have received and to rebel against it.

'The Resistance' attends rallies, convoys, and tries to have regular conversations with the public that don't understand the maltreatment that is being done. Not only are we standing up against our government, but more recently we've been supporting the farmers whose rights have also been taken away in other parts of our world. This is only the beginning (unfortunately), we have so much more work to do, but in the meantime, we say to the system of injustice: "Screw you and your garbage bullshit!"


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